Martial Arts Tournament A Success!

On Saturday, February 10, Martial Arts students competed in forms and sparring divisions at their belt and age level. Jacob Li, Brown Belt, competed in forms and received the highest level of performance from all three judges, 9.9, 9.8, and 9.7. Jacob received a medal for his performance.  Justin Lin, Green Belt, competed in two divisions, forms and sparring. For his excellent efforts, Justin received a medal in each division.   Congratulations to the Salesian Martial Arts team!

CYO Statement Regarding SBGC Bayview 4-6 Basketball Game Feb 9 2018

CYO Letter Feb 12 2018

Dear Salesian and CYO Community:

Please read the above statement from CYO.

Catholic Charities, CYO, Salesian Boys’ & Girls’ Club and Bayview 4-6 Boys Basketball are working together to address and resolve the issues and allegations made by the parents of Bayview Boys 4-6 basketball team.

Salesian Boys’ & Girls’ Club takes these issues seriously and will take appropriate corrective measures if any are needed.  Salesian Boys’ & Girls’ Club strives at all times to uphold values of the Club and CYO community.

The Salesian Boys’ & Girls’ Club will work with all to resolve the situation with integrity, compassion, and loving kindness.