New Club Membership Cards

During the months of June and July, the Club will be phasing in our new safety protocol.

The first step is membership cards: each Club Member will be issued a personal membership card starting Wednesday, June 5.

Here’s how your child should use her / his Membership card.

  • Members must bring cards to the Club every time they attend.  Please help your children remember that.
  • Membership cards will be scanned when entering and when exiting (as a Member leaves to go home).
  • The Membership card will be on a lanyard and should be kept with the Member or in her/his backpack.

During this Summer, we will pilot a sign-in and sign-out policy for Club members as they leave Club property (i.e. to the store) and return.
When going off property (and not going home for the day), each Member will sign in and out (on a clipboard, for the time being) and indicate their off-property destination.

This pilot program will inform the Club as to a Member entrance and exit policy for the Fall.

We understand this is a change from the way things have always operated at the Club.  This policy was introduced and discussed at the Mandatory Parent Meeting on May 22.  We welcome your feedback during this process.  Your child’s safety is our top priority.

Thank you for your support.

We welcome your feedback:  please contact Randy DeMartini via email or phone (415.397.3068 ext 101).