The Club accepts all kinds of volunteer help, from motivate parents to interested community members. The kids need you.  Won't you consider a gift of your time and talent?

Lend a Hand

Club family members can play a vital role in the Club’s success.


  • Coaching team sports.
  • Providing administrative support.
  • Planning and working fundraising events.
  • Assisting with Salesian Theatre.
  • Teaching clinics and classes.

These are some of the ways you can volunteer your time, and that will ensure two things: Club programs will thrive, and, by spending quality time with kids, so will you!

To volunteer your time, fill out the online form below or email Joselyn Staley at jstaley@salesianclub.org. Or fill out the form below and a Staff member will contact you soon.All volunteers must be child safety compliant, including passing a background check.

Volunteer Application