Join The Club

Join The Club

Welcome to The Club from the Executive Director.

Dear Club Community:

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you as members, families, volunteers, donors, and friends to the Salesian Boys’ & Girls’ Club.

The Salesian Boys’ & Girls’ Club has been serving youth in the city of San Francisco for over 100 years. I have not been at the Club quite that long, but I did grow up on Filbert Street, joined The Club as a boy, and now watch over the same yard I played in when I was 8 years old. The Club is not just part of my life, it is part of my family.

I truly believe in our mission to provide a safe place for our members to learn, grow and thrive!  At The Club kids, ages 8 to 18 can come play sports, enrich their education, perform in plays, learn to sew, make crafts, learn to sketch, and prepare meals and so much more…and all for only $10 per year. The Club is a place where lifelong friendships are formed and core memories are made.

It is a joy to offer Salesian Club membership to the greater North Beach community and the City of San Francisco.

I humbly thank you for your interest in and continued support of The Club.

Randal DeMartini
Executive Director