Join The Club

Welcome to the Club from the Executive Director.

Dear Club Community:

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you as members, families, volunteers, donors, and friends to the Salesian Boys’ & Girls’ Club.

The Salesian Boys’ & Girls’ Club has been a youth organization in the North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco since 1921. I have not been at the Club quite that long, but I did grow up on Filbert Street, joined the Club as a boy, and now watch over the same yard I played in when I was 8 years old.  The Club is not just part of my life, it is part of my family.

I truly believe in our mission: we provide a safe haven for the youth of our city to gather and grow into the leaders of tomorrow. We teach, we prepare, we coach, and we love our members. The Club is a great place for kids, ages 8 to 18, where they can play sports, enrich their education, perform in plays, learn to sew, make crafts, learn to sketch, and prepare meals and so much more…and all for only $10 per year. It is a joy to offer Salesian Club membership to the greater North Beach community and the City of San Francisco.

I humbly thank you for your interest in and continued support of the Club.

Randal DeMartini
Executive Director