The Club Staff comprises the Executive Director, Leadership Team, Associates, Volunteers, Specialist Instructors, Coaches, and Mentors. All Club Staff are child safety compliant, CPR certified and regularly attend professional development classes.

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Leadership Team

Randy DeMartiniRandy DeMartini
Executive Director
Sherri HughstonSherri Hughston
Director, Finance and Operations
Mary PowelsonMary Powelson
Director, Communications and Theatre Arts
Vince ManfredaVince Manfreda
Director, Athletics & Programs
Joselyn StaleyJoselyn Staley
Director, Programs & Day Camp


Senior Associates

Frances EmmonsFrances Emmons
Anita ManfredaAnita Manfreda


Bridget BeltrieBridget Veltri
Gavin ClarkGavin Clark
Dante DeMartiniDante DeMartini
Quintin LaroseQuintin Larose
Katie MacDonaldKatie MacDonald
Mary O’ReillyMary O’Reilly



Homework Club Instructor
Paul Riley

Theatre Arts Teaching Artists
Matt Grandy, Music Director
Sally Dana, Comedy Director

Volunteer Staff, including team coaches, vary by season and program.

Club Volunteers

To contact Club Volunteers – coaches, assistants, tutors, mentors – please email Vince Manfreda at